landreader project / by Joe Townsend

Photographer Dominick Tyler is in the middle of shooting The Landreader Project 

He is taking beautiful photographs of British landscapes and creating a giant website and book. There are some breathtakingly beautiful images that really make me want to get out of London. His first book of photographs was Wild Swim. I believe that this is all a pretext to spend most of the year in wild and desolate places. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it. 

What I like about this project is the wiki element. He is collecting names for every land formation and the different titles that people give them.

The latest ones this week are:  Cleugh, Force, Swire, Law, Cwm and Brocken Spectre.

One that is missing from the list at the moment is the "gungepatch" - this is dent left in the ground in the front gardens for where the bin doesn't quite fit on the path. there is also "tarmacup" that's the manmade one where they just keep resurfacing the road until there is actually no kerb left.

The music on the film clip was recorded by Martin Green and me.